Monday, March 16, 2009


This is a phrase that was constantly used in the run up to the US elections last year, and at the time theoretically i understood what it meant but practically, I didn't have a clue about it, but am beginning to see it and you know what its damn scary.

Where do we draw the line, between action and hoping for action. As I have already stated in one of my blog entries, the accord to me was a cheap way out, and had we looked deeper a better solution might have been found. This cheap solution is turning out to be the most foolish thing that as nation we might had made. So wheres the connection, cheap(expensive) accord and mortgaging our future. Picture this: The government admitted to delaying the money for the free primary education because of what 'The money was diverted to buy the needed famine relief!', and so what happens to the millions of school kids depending on that money???? Yet, the country was fleeced of billions by the maize, oil scandals and the scandals we yet don't know. This didn't happen in the last 3 years, it happened barely 6-8 months ago. What happened to the suspects they are walking scot free and maybe fleecing more thanks to the system(read AG, Judiciary, Police the President and the PM). That happened, pretty sad isn't it! So whats now happening? we are still having a bloated gova, the MPs earn huge and don't pay tax, what about the red tape being accustomed to our friends, US gova, who are trying to help yet its like they have to fork a bribe to do so? This is still happening yet the gova has the audacity to say its broke? Hallo what did you expect, in the middle of this we will strike oil and become the next Dubai, or better discover gold and Kenya will give South Africa compe? These would also be looted. The oil scandal is a massive 7 billion and the gova says it need 25 billion, hallo if someone hasn't noticed thats just a whopping 28% of what you need, without even raising the hood, but guys you know what the free primary education can wait while our leaders enjoy tax free overpayment and while we wait on our friends to respond. IF THIS IS NOT MORTGAGING OUR CHILDREN'S AND OUR FUTURE then I need help to understand this.

So what do we do in this situation, we feel sorry for the millions of hungry Kenyans and make out an appeal for funds to feed the starving population, of which Kenyans contribute generously, but FOR HOW LONG?? This is another cheap solution that us as Kenyans we are taking, do you blame us? Our leaders taught us well. I am so sure that those guys we are feeding dont need handouts, they can work. Give them a jembe, some seeds, some fertilizer and show them how to overcome the perennial water shortages and you know what we can keep our shillings to ourselves. These people will feed themselves and sell to us what they cant consume, or better help the fishermen have access the waters around Migingo island and let them do what they do best, fish and earn a living, without being harassed by some 'neighbor'. Do you need a degree to figure it out, but hey we are country of cheap solutions.

So where do you fall in this maze, at least I highlighted it, but I guess thats another cheap excuse.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thou shall not disregard instructions

For many of us who use the buses(Citi Hoppa and Kenya Bus specifically), there are three sins that thou shall not commit in a bus. These are namely smoking, preaching and hawking. The public have been faithful and abode to the teaching of this three 'sacred' laws for quite some years but the trend that has cropped up of late is quite worrying. I don't know if its the culture of impunity that we inherit from our (dis)honorable leaders or is it just one shade of an ugly culture of Kenyans manifesting itself. What am I talking about? Am talking about the numerous so called 'preachers' proclaiming to be spreading the word of God in buses.

Lemme clear the air first, I ain't no atheist, nor am I jealous of any person making money, the money can be of help to all especially at this times; its the Ludacris notion that just because someone is trying to make a living he/she can trample on the rights and privileges of others that is driving me nuts. These so called preachers, shepherds of the flock in the buses, board a bus and out of nowhere removes a Bible and start preaching, and you know what just opposite him/her there is this big sticker ...NO PREACHING... It just begs the question how are we meant to take your advice, yet you cant follow basic instructions. It just drives me nuts. Its not the idea of preaching the Gospel that I am against, its this idea that someone cant follow simple instructions, just like the guys in the supermarkets who makes a queue to a counter clearly written LESS THAN 10 ITEMS and the fool is pushing a cartful.

In short what these guys are implying is that the people who come up with rules and regulations are a bunch of stupid fat men and women who had nothing to do and it is better we go back to being a banana republic where one does what he/she feels like at any time he/she likes without giving a damn about what his/her neighbors feel or what they want.