Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Road Trips

Just out of university, we always envied the guys who would take a weekend off, or even a day off, get into the car and just drive, where to, no particular destination in mind.

Last weekend I got to enjoy this, and boy it was a trip to remember. Kenya is beautiful and no one should try and convince you otherwise. The green hills which turn blue as you look further into the horizon, the flora and fauna, the people, the food damn.

So we drove down to Masinga dam made some new friends with some jamaaz in the armed forces, took some hilarious photos

On our way to Nai, it was a night that we would like to forget as soon as possible. First somebody hit our right side mirror, and damn we were cruising at almost 120-130Km/h. That was a fucking close shave. Then after celebrating that we reached allsops ok, we rammed into a mat after it hit emergency brakes, thanks I was awake to hit the brakes early enuff only to 'dara' the mat kidogo. Just as expected a small tussle started on who was on the wrong and who should pay who, despite the damage being so minimal on both cars that it was hardly noticeable. At the end we parted ways and agreed kila mtu to take care of his own mess.

We fikad Emba, well dropped mama watoto na mtoto and then went out to pick Hawks mama from a bridal shower, which turned out that the bridal shower was turned to a sex lesson!!!! Dont gals nu that we think with our lower head most of the time and when we are not we are thinking on its behalf, hehehe.

A stopover at Carnival for the rock concert turned out to be a waste of money as we didnt spend even 30mins inside bt parted with 1200/= for the 4 of us as entrance fees...and then went back to Emba after dropping the 4th one and substituting the driver as he was dozing off.

All in all it turned out to be a fab weekend n looking forward to the next road trip.