Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Najivunia Kuwa Mkenya

I wish Olympics were held each and every other year... but then they would not be Olympics but another venue where sportsmen/women meet to showcase their talent... or they would be another world sporting event where no Kenyan or few guys will actually get to follow them and even those who will follow them they will not remember the athletes who participated and who won what and who become which number.

The names of Brimin Kipruto, Pamela Jelimo aka Nandi Express, Janet Jepkosgei aka Eldoret Express, Catherine Ndereba, Asbel Kiprop, Dunford brothers, Ezekiel Kemboi among others strike a chord with any Kenyan of right mind and senses. They have done Kenya proud, they have flown our Black, Red, Green and White flag high up at the international meeting. Kudos to them.

At the same time Kenyans back at home have taken their success with stride, devouring every moment of their success with overflowing pride, celebrating like mad men and women when a Kenyan crosses the line the first or the second or when history is made by having a Kenyan swimmer break an Olympic record, be it for 7 minutes, or when a Kenyan lady bags a gold medal a first for the country, groaning as if their favorite team has lost, when a Kenyan fails to finish inside the medal bracket. Its a time when politics has taken a back seat, when we have forgotten which tribe we belong to, or which tribe the participating athlete hails from, we have just cheered our team with pride and with our hearts, wished them God's speed, kept them in our prayers, and we were glad and proud to be Kenyan.... period!!!

Looking back it was in January when we turned against each other, massacring and butchering each other, it was a time when your tribe mattered more than you yourself and political affiliation was something to rely on. Thank God the Olympics are here and have reminded us how it feels to be proud to be a Kenyan again, how our National Anthem sounds so good when its played on the big arena and how one can come so near to tears when a fellow country mate crosses the finishing line inside the medal bracket. And thats why I said, I wish the Olympics were held every year, but then they will not be Olympics but just another stage which people don't pay much attention.

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