Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Tribute to Former US President George Walker Bush

Its the 21st day of January and we have a "new leader of the free world". Yes the mantle has been passed on and one the younger generation has the baton. Congratulations are in order to America in its achievement, to the civil rights movement and to Barack Obama himself. It is a truly honorable moment even for us who are not Americans, as the sense of pride spreads wide.

As we salute Obama, it is worthy and especially Africa and us as Africans to take a moment and peek into the history and legacy of George W. Bush and his policies for Africa. Controversial as he may have been, unpopular in America and around the world as he may be, hated as he may be, Africa should be very grateful to him. Under his policies, we can say Africa was always on top of the list especially when help was needed. Africa was given the attention it deserved and especially when it came to the issue of HIV/AIDS and Malaria. We as Africans benefited greatly under his policies, more than what Bill Clinton managed to spend on Africa, though Bill Clinton is considered the most Africa friendly President. Figures and number I may not quote but when Bush was in power, the funding for the HIV/AIDS epidemic was increased, the AGOA initiative was relaunched, the US markets were opened a little to us Africans and specific goods given priority. Bush's government encouraged Africa to embrace democracy, and especially he was fond of the young presidents of Africa, especially presidents of Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia and Liberia who are proving to be more accountable.

This is one direction that we hope that the 44th President of the US, Barack Obama, will continue this direction.

Thank you George Walker Bush and enjoy your retirement.

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