Friday, July 31, 2009


It sucks!!

For those who dont know what I am talking about, Hawayu is the "comedy" show that KTN launched to take on NTV's Churchill Live, but unlike the news time documentaries by Namu and Mohammed Juma, Hawayu sucks.

First the name itself was the opening trade mark for Churchill Live, the decor ah what a pity. The stage itself is unimpressive and where guys are sitting is even worse. Imagine you are sitting in a theater, they bring out guest artistes and expect you to enjoy the music and yet you cant move a limb!!! Halloooo wats the use if I cant dance??

No offence to Erick Omondi, he's young, he was just introduced the other day to this business and in no way does he have the capacity to do a full show. Snippets of him in Churchill Live were fun to watch coz he excels in only one area, mimicking Esther Arunga period! Even NTV were wise to realize the mistake they did by giving him a show of his own to host and they pulled the plug early enough before much damage was done.

The other day, he went full circle and worn a full lady's attire on show and went ahead to play sexy with Nameless and he's a dude!!! You cant stoop lower than that!!

Erick, go audition for Churchill's Top Comic, I bet you will walk away with Isuzu DMax.

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