Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bewary of Google

In law there are clauses against mono policies, in real life we tend to feel exploited when buying something from a company with monopoly as we dont have the opportunity of knowing what other companies/people will ask for the same goods or services. In web, we have another coming up monopoly.

How many google products do you use? gmail, blogger, google maps, adsense, Google News, you tube, picasa, etc. The list is endless. The fact that google tends to give priority to items on its shelf when searching using google kinds of highlights the biased results of google's search engines.

Should we be worried about this? Most of us use this services for free hence answer will be no, but when you think about your search results being biased based on what is on google's shelves instead of what is on the whole world wide web you wont be so sure of your answer. When you add the monetary value that google receives on each search and on each time you are directed to a website or a product by google, matters get complicated. Since most of us are addicted to google and googling has become an everyday practice, we close one eye to this fact and enjoy the services while it lasts.

Fast forward to year 2030..... Will google be still standing, or will it be like Microsoft, being faced by numerous scandals while its products slowly becoming irrelevant??

The fact that I am blogging about this on one of the google services just shows how integrated we are with google.

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  1. Neat and insightfull. Catchy handle...Lone ranger.