Friday, October 9, 2009

An album in my archives: Come away with me - Norah Jones

Its rare to find an album that you will listen to without choosing some songs that you really like, and when you find it, it is a keeper. Such is Norah Jones's Come away with me.

With her sweet melodies, soothing voice and careful arrangement of songs, the album will rocks you to sleep though it may be 10 in the morning. Songs like 'Come away with me', 'Dont know why', 'Nightingale', 'Seven years' and others are just a sneak preview why Norah amassed six grammy awards in 2002.

    Track listing:
  1. Don't Know Why

  2. Seven Years

  3. Cold, Cold Heart

  4. Feelin' the Same Way

  5. Come Away with Me

  6. Shoot the Moon

  7. Turn Me On

  8. Lonestar

  9. I've Got to See You Again

  10. Painter Song

  11. One Flight Down

  12. Nightingale

  13. The Long Day Is Over

  14. The Nearness of You

And thats why I call it a classic.


  1. Blogging about music... hahah. Good to see your sensitive side ;)

    Next you need to start scrobbling on!

    Alan in Kenya

  2. It comes with the territory as far as I can recall and btw am already scrobbling