Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another side of Janet Mbugua

Watching Janet on the telly, reading the news, presenting Sunrise Live, her smile filling the studio, giving us one more reason to smile or laugh or criticize her joke or just to love her, one would never have thought of the real Janet Mbugua. The Janet Mbugua outside the telly, the Janet Mbugua without the make up, Janet Mbugua the "life of the party" as she would put it.

After her leaving KTN, wonder why they say "we never fully appreciate the things we have", I googled a bit about her and got some very interesting stories. "Tender, She calls" is a story by Janet Mbugua which kind of reflects her other side. Maybe not each and every other sentence, but the whole story does bring to light some bits of her that we dont know. The story kinds of smoothens the blurry picture that one might have of her, its a kind of glue that glues the different pieces together.

Anywayz, long story short. With the personality of Janet Mbugua that you know, read this interview from the standard. Any pictures forming, or different pieces of puzzle? Then read Tender, She Calls by her and tell me if that story might not be mixed with bits and pieces of her real life experience if not all of it is about her, although that might be far fetched.

Wat do you think?


  1. I have no idea what to think of readers assuming that a piece written by someone reflects that person's real life experience. While I might be classified as schizophrenic which would then explain my writing about a schizophrenic's life, I am definately not a man, but I have written from the standpoint of a man. Maybe you even liked that story. Or maybe I am a disturbed transgender person. Writing is a creative art, get it, creative.

  2. people do write out of own experience, people make millions writing from others experience. all i am saying this might be one of those.

  3. Yeah, Where is she? i missed her

  4. is she expectant?

  5. Call it creativity as you may wish but there must be an experience associated with this{either own or external}
    I'd rather not go into the detail!!