Sunday, June 14, 2009

Uhuru's Budget

After reading this years budget I was convinced that Kenyans we dont lack people who think straight. UK is one of them and the technocrats who were involved in the budget making process. Though there were no tax reductions on some of the common items for you, me and Wanjiku, we will definetly reap from it in some few years should it be implemented.

The huge allocations to be channeled through CDF is quite encouraging and the only final thing that UK should do is pass a motion making our greedy MPs mere patrons with no or very little say on the day to day running of the CDF committees. This would be where the rubber meets the road. Imagine that we can have 210 Alliance High Schools, or Mangu or Starehe!! My brother would not have to rot in a sub-standard school just because he missed the cutoff by a few marks. What about the opportunities people will enjoy in each constituency.

So hold your breath and lets hope that we will be able to navigate the murky waters ahead.

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