Thursday, March 4, 2010


Nairobi skyline got a new addition not long ago, the new Bishop Magua Centre on Ngong Road (directly opposite the Uchumi Hyper and was opened a few days ago. Although the buzz about new business parks are not so big, the buzz about the iHub needs all the attention it deserves.

The iHub is meant to be an innovation center for techies, developers and innovators. The aim of the organisers was a place that any developer could walk in with nothing on him and get provided with a workstation and internet, and all they got to do was develop or come up with stuff, all this absolutely free of charge, hey no surfers allowed.

This is the way to go, as there are a lot of smart guys out there with no means of putting ideas into action. This is just amazing. I attended the launch of iHub jana and it was good to see who is who in the IT field was there. The amazing thing was that almost all of the guys there were of age 40 and below, or 90% of the guys were 40 and below.

This is just what us developers need.

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