Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear Blog

Dear blog,

I have been a bad boy and have forsaken you. I have been unfaithful to you and have been seeing someone else my wap blog She is good, at least, she gives me my freedom. I can see her anywhere I am and we do it wherever I might be. She is light, as you know me am obsessed by small. She fits in my pocket and no way is she demanding when it comes to her maintenance.

I am no way divorcing with you. You are my first love and you know as they say, '..the first cut is the deepest..'. You are stable and you will always support me, something I cant have with my number 2. You are strong, can multi-task and damn you can know how to dress up, especially when I facilitate it. You are my first love.

This is no way a divorce, its just alerting you that in case you will be looking for me, most likely you will find me in my second home, but always remember you are my first.

Yours lovingly

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