Wednesday, July 28, 2010

let the shows begin

Is Africa(or South Africa to be precise) coming out of the shadow of its "bigger brothers" when it comes to tv?

This is a question that ran thru my mind, after realising that every Tuesday and Wednesday between 7.30pm and 8.30pm I am usually at home glued to the screen following two must see SA's tv shows, the lab and jacob's cross respectively.

These are two shows I wont miss for the world, and if ma chick is at home wanting to watch her who knows what, or wants some action, it will have to wait, or we just get a spare telly, though I am not so sure about the action bit. The point is these are two shows that keeps me glued to the screen the way Alexandro keeps a gal glued to the screen.

The fact that they are South African has little to do with me loving them, but am an ardent fan because they are mature, well shot, well thought out and captivating, just like CSI or NCSI or Jack Bauer or The Unit will interest me any time. This clearly shows that Africa, or South Africa is coming out to exploit its unique stories and make some doo while at it.

For once we have something African to watch. There is quite a growing list of SA shows worth looking out for. Watch this space!

Its quite sad that in Kenya, its only Dr Alfred Mutua who is ruling the waves with his jua kali productionz.

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